Support for Cloud-Based Systems

Wait, wait!!! Don't jump on the cloud yet!

Are you really ready to move to your new cloud? Law to Cloud has specially–trained IT professionals who are ready to help you with your day-to-day operation with your new Cloud-based Systems. We can help you from the start – there are no extra fees. You have one low monthly rate and you receive unlimited support.

Supporting your cloud services may become a full time job for one or more of your employees. All that time and money you thought you would save may not be as big as you thought.

Here are some things you may not have thought of:

Let us answer some of your questions:

What is Support for Cloud-based Systems?

Law to Cloud is your company's Service Desk for cloud-based systems. When you have an issue or a new request, you call the Service Desk at Law to Cloud. When you are managing multiple cloud systems for your company, it can become a full-time job. We take that responsibility for your company for a low percentage of what you pay for your cloud services today. Our price is based on your company's usage of the cloud systems. As you acquire more services on the cloud, we add them to your custom support and only charge for what you use.

How does support work?

You can call, email, or use our web portal to submit your request. Then we research your request, call you back if needed, and fix it. We will normally get back to you through email unless otherwise requested. We found this is much easier for our clients as they are usually busy taking care of the rest of the business. Request come in all shapes and sizes. We respond to all of your questions, issues, and feature request.

Some of the common tasks are:

What are the benefits of Law to Cloud?

One support desk to manage all your cloud systems. If you are using more than one company for your online services, then you know what a hassle it is to track down the support numbers when you have an issue. With the Law to Cloud Virtual IT (VIT), you only need to contact us and we take care of the rest.

Products We Support

Law to Cloud supports all products offered on the product page.

If you did not see your cloud product on the list, please contact us to find out if we can have it added.

Cloud Computing

Don't move your technology to the cloud without talking to an IT guy first. If you have an existing IT environment, it may be difficult to migrate all your information to the cloud. Talk to us first before you make a final decision. Contact us for a free evaluation of your technical needs. We can recommend tools and services offered on the cloud, no obligation to us. This is our way of supporting the industry. Be prepared to talk to an IT guy; we are not sales people. We are IT professionals with over a decade of experience in delivering IT services.

Law to Cloud's Dedication to Cloud Computing

At Law to Cloud we believe that the cloud services offered today are providing enough technology to run a business. We pride ourselves at running our entire company on cloud-based services. From email hosting, supporting our customers, and tracking customer requests, we use a dozen cloud-based tools to provide our service and run our company. Cloud computing gives a cost-effective, reliable system that can be accessed from any place quickly and securely.

Cost of Support with Law to Cloud

Say your company uses two different cloud products. You have 5 employees using practice management and email hosting. You have a monthly subscription you pay to use these services on the cloud, but now you have multiple companies to work with when you need support. Law to Cloud makes it so you have one company for a low price of 15% of what you pay for your cloud products per month. Example:

Practice Management

Email Hosting                        

Total Cost for Cloud Apps




$  100.00

$    30.00

$  130.00

Take 15% of $130.00 per month; your Support cost is $19.50 per month.


Support ROI Managing Cloud Services

Amount of time spent a week administrating:

Hourly pay for employee that administrates:

How much do you pay a month for Cloud Services?

With Support

You save these many hours:

You save this much money a year: