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How much is 3 – 5 hours a week worth to you or your law firm? If it's less than $269 a month then you may not need our help. If it is worth much more (we know it is), then take a look at these services and pricing to see if you would like to delegate your social media optimization work to us. We will dedicate our time to helping you grow your business and getting you and your staff working on more important tasks.

Facebook is the second most visited website in the United States, second only to Google. YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are in the top ten websites in the United States. Social media marketing is a way to harness the traffic of these website giants to benefit your business. Law firms use these sites as a form of communication to connect with other professionals, or establish themselves as an expert in a field or geographical area.

Law to Cloud media and cloud experts can help you manage your social media marketing.

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