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According to the MyCase story, this application was created by attorneys for attorneys. A complete cloud-based application for managing a firm's organization needs, with a slight twist of social communication added to the software for better communication with clients and employees combined.

  • Document Management

    Access every matter from anywhere you can access the internet. With unlimited storage, your matter and documents are all organized and stored in a secure system for easy access.

  • Task and Calendar

    All your tasks and calendar events are stored in a central location. With ability to share the information with everyone at the firm or just the selected few. Add the MyCase sync to Outlook and you have a great way to manage your calendar.

  • iPhone App

    Yes, you read right. An iPhone app is finally here for practice management. This fully functioning iPhone application is FREE from the app store. Use it to access all your important information such as Matters, Contacts, Calendar, and Billing.

  • Client Portal

    Share documents, leave messages, add task and schedules that your clients will be able to see right from the portal. Thanks to Facebook most people are familiar with the way social communication works. Giving your clients the flexibility to send you messages and received important information securely. Unlimited client accounts.

  • Time and Billing

    Track time and billing with professional invoices and online payments.

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