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Practice Management for attorneys on the cloud. This low cost solution for managing your clients and their matters is a powerful tool in the legal industry. The LawRD follows a unique process of managing your clients, starts with entering the contact and ends will generating billing reports. Try it FREE, no credit card needed!

  • Time Tracking

    The LawRD Practice Management tool will help you organize your cases and share the information with the case to all individuals in the firm, with strong capabilities of tracking every second of time spent working on each matter, track who was working on the matter and how long, to give you an end result that can be used to bill directly to the case or can be used to measure the overall value of each case.

  • Reports

    Run reports to measure the performance of each case. Measure the amount of time spent on each case and compare to the overall worth of the case to the amount of time and money spent on the matter.

  • Task Scheduling

    One calendar to monitor, all events are entered into one calendar and the system will alert you when you have an upcoming event. Your staff will be able to correlate all your matters events into one calendar. With just a few simple clicks you can look at the event on the calendar and access all the case data.

  • Manage Contacts

    A contact management system made especially for legal professionals. Organize each contact and relate it to a specific task or matter; you can specify a specific hourly rate for each contact and assign specific personal to each contact. Within LawRD all information about each contact is linked together to provide a full picture of each client. The system gives you quick insights to events, current cost, documents, notes, specific reports, and of course the contact information for each company and/or client.

  • Attach Documents

    Attach documents to each matter or client record to centralize and organize all your documents in a relevant way of filing your documents. This is a save and easy to use way of storing your documents for each matter.

  • Billing

    With LawRD every minute that your practice spends working on a matter is recorded. Each section from setting up tasks, uploading documents, creating contacts, assigning attorneys, and even while not utilizing the system function you can still record all your time and save it with your own descriptions. Turn your time into billable hours by approving each timesheet and then generating billing reports. Track all your expenses and have them automatically added to the bill or manually go through each item.

Work from Anywhere

A cloud-based practice management tool full of features to help you process your matters and organize your firm. Using the power of the cloud to have a secure system that is accessible from any device with an internet connection. No need to worry about updates, or physical server crashes. The power of the cloud covers all your physical needs including storage, backups, and physical security. All your data is stored securely and transferred over the internet using 256-bit encryption. This prevents anyone on the internet from getting a hold of your data and being able to read it without the appropriate permissions.

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