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What are you going to do if a client wants to pay you for your services by using a credit card? Do you have the ability to accept credit cards in your firm? At Law to Cloud we have researched multiple solutions and have determined that LawPay credit card processing is just the right solution for law firms.

It is critical for attorneys to handle transactions between their trust and operating accounts correctly. With the LawPay program, attorneys can accept credit cards with confidence knowing their transactions are handled correctly. LawPay meets the requirements for the American Bar Association and most state trust account guidelines as well as the Attorney's Professional Code of Conduct. As a result, LawPay is approved and recommended exclusively by 29 state and 47 local bar associations.

Credit card payments are becoming more popular as a payment option for clients. There are three main reasons why accepting credit cards just makes good common sense:

Benefits of Credit Acceptance

Attract Clients

Payment by credit card is an increasingly popular payment option for professional services. Accepting credit cards draws clients to your law practice and helps you win new business. The ability to accept credit cards allows clients to pay promptly and retain your services immediately.

Improve Cash Flow

A LawPay Merchant Account helps your bottom line. Credit acceptance is a powerful draw for new clients. Plus, the added convenience means you can accept payments in person, over the phone or as an added option on invoices.

Save Time

A LawPay Merchant Account streamlines accounting and reduces the time your staff spends monitoring and managing your trust and operating accounts. Requiring a credit card up-front avoids the hassle of "no pay" clients altogether. While offering a credit payment option on past due invoices reduces the need for collections.

LawPay Technology

We offer multiple hardware and software options to handle credit and debit card payment processing. Our team works with attorneys to select the option that works best for their business. In addition to traditional credit card terminals, attorneys can take advantage of our proprietary payment technology. This secure, web-based option gives members the ability to accept credit card transactions in the office, over the internet, and on the go through LawPay Mobile.

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