About Us

Law to Cloud™ is an IT consultant company that helps legal professionals move their software requirements to internet-based applications otherwise known as the cloud. Law to Cloud™, a HitHoo company, was founded with a mission to introduce and support cloud–based applications to legal professionals. The industry continues to grow quickly due to the moves made by law firms to merge to a cloud–based platform for their day-to-day applications. Law to Cloud is a company that works with new technologies to develop applications and services for legal professionals. We recognize that legal professionals are looking for ways to save time and be more mobile. We plan to fill these needs with technology.

Law to Cloud is proud to partner with some of the best companies offering cloud services. These services are used by thousands of companies to run their daily operations. Our goal is to provide first–level support for cloud based applications and become experts at these cloud based applications, so law firms can go back to working on growing their business instead of having to worry about supporting their cloud. Law to Cloud has come up with a strategy for cloud based support that will fit any firm's or solo practice's budget. The support goals are only to charge for what is needed, at no risk or contracts. Let information technology professionals manage your cloud services. Law to Cloud has IT pros that have been managing cloud technology for large corporations. Our IT pros understand technology, and have dedicated their time, training and education to learning the best ways of managing technology.